Custom Facial Prosthetics
for Veterans

We proudly work directly with the Veterans Administration on your behalf

how it works

Step One

Visit your nearest VA clinic to request a referral to see your PCP at the VA regarding your Custom Facial Prosthetic needs.

Step Two

We provide a detailed quote to cover the costs of your facial prosthetic rehabilitation and coordinate directly with the VA Contracting Office (CO) to obtain a purchase order for your care.

Step Three

As soon as we receive the Purchase Order from the Contracting Officer, approving your medical necessity for the Custom Prosthesis, we contact you directly and schedule an appointment to see us at your earliest convenience.

Step Four

Our maxillofacial prosthetists fit you in your beautiful new custom prosthesis. We then coordinate directly with the VA to ensure your case is properly closed out with your physician’s approval. Enjoy your new prosthesis!

Serving Our Veterans in Partnership with the VA

Navy Veteran Robert Chesser received a new prosthetic ear, created for him by our Maxillofacial Prosthetist, Dr. David Trainer. The Center for Custom Prosthetics works in close partnership with VA hospitals around the country to provide life-changing rehabilitation for our Veterans.