Patient video Testimonials

(Courtesy of ABC News)

Eleven years after an accidental shooting left her blind and disfigured, Chrissy Steltz gets a life-changing prosthesis.

Watch how David Trainer from The Center for Custom Prosthetics expertly crafted a lifelike full face prosthesis.

(Courtesy of ABC News)

After more than a decade of wearing a satin sleeping mask to protect herself from the gasps of strangers, it’s the transformation of a lifetime.

The Resurrection of Amalia Mendoza

(Courtesy of Naples Daily News)

The incredible story of Amalia Mendoza who lost her face in a car accident in Columbia in May 2001.

Amalia traveled to Naples, Florida to The Center for Custom Prosthetics to have a prosthetic face made for her by David Trainer, one of the world’s leading prosthetic makers.

An Eye For Victoria

(Courtesy of Naples Daily News)

Victoria Wilcher, 3, of Jackson, Miss. received an artificial eye, pro bono, from ocularist Raymond Peters Friday, July 11, 2014. She was also accompanied by Dr. Frank Stile, a plastic surgeon offering his services from Las Vegas, free of charge. Wilcher was mauled by her grandfather’s three dogs, sparking national attention.



Raymond E. Peters Inc, (Center for Custom Prosthetics) continues a mission to help Veterans take advantage of the valuable VA benefits you have earned: 100% coverage of your facial prosthetics.  We proudly work with the Veterans Administration on your behalf to make the process simple, affordable and hassle-free.